Pretty Lights – Glowing in the Darkest Night: BANGER MUST HEAR EP


It's like Christmas morning everyime Pretty Lights drops another EP or album. And today it is Christmas again. You guys went absolutely nuts for their sick Spilling Over the Edges EP posted awhile back, and now we've got the follow up, the Glowing in the Darkest EP, which is a sick trippy trip through electronic music mixed with some bass filled dance rythyms. I feel like Derek, of Pretty Lights, is getting a little crazier and trippier with each and every collection of tracks he puts out. Turn the bass up and enjoy this sick new bass filled 8 song EP which is soooo sick. Pretty Lights never seems to amaze me and here's another amazing collection of work, enjoy!

Pretty Lights – Glowing in the Darkest Night EP |

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