Watch: Pretty Lights produced his own vinyl records then sampled them for his new album “A Color Map of the Sun” including new track [VIDEO]

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Derek Vincent Smith aka electronic producer Pretty Lights has been busy truly carving his unique method of production over the past few years. It includes sampling old vinyl records by remixing and arranging them into completely unique modern sounding productions. He has self released a string of impressive albums and EP’s all completely for free, gaining him quite an impressive fanbase worldwide.

2 years ago Derek began more then impressive task of creating his newest album by using samples that he had created instead of vinyl hunting. In 2011 he started working and recording musicians from all over the world then actually pressing this recordings sessions all to vinyl records. He pressed all these recordings to build a personal vinyl collection so he could replicate his style he had crafted, but end with something 100% his own. The long awaited album A Color Mapping of the Sun, will be seeing a release on July 2nd. He will be releasing it for free like all his past releases, as well as through iTunes and physically on limited Vinyl and CD.

The video in his words:

“The first half of this video is part of a track from the Live Studio Sessions recordings. The second half is the song that was made from sampling the first recording. The purpose of the video is to show the production process of the album; homemade vinyl + modular synthesis.”

Here we have the full audio track of the first part of the video.

Pretty Lights – Live Studio Sessions Reel 15 Break 5 from “A Color Map of the Sun” | Download