Pretty Lights – So Bright (ft. Eligh) : Must Hear New Electro-Soul / Dubstep Original


Pretty Lights has been locking himself away any chance he's not playing some massive festival, and has been working on his biggest project to date, an album featuring all original samples recorded from muscians that he has found. We already got the first sample with "You Get High" and "We Must Go On" and "I Know The Truth" might be on the allbum. Well here's "So bright", a track that starts out slow before building up to a glitchy melodic anthem filled with some distored vocals. The vocals are from Eligh of Living Legends, are pack so much emotion while being so distorted. It's a song that paints a story, and I can't stop replaying it. I can't wait to hear the rest of his upcoming album. Download coming soon, enjoy the stream for now! UPDATE: Download added!

Excerpt from Derek : "All the samples used in the track are from self composed one of a kind vinyl pressings. There is a short documentary to be released soon about the making of this upcoming PL album because it was a very unique and laborious process. I'm insanely excited to release the entire record but… I'd prefer to do it on my own terms:). Much love to all PL family, I hope you enjoy the track."

Pretty Lights – So Bright (Ft. Eligh) | Direct Download