BANGER MUST HEAR NEW EP: Pretty Lights – Spilling Over Every Side


Pretty Lights is from Ft. Collins, very close to Boulder where I'm from, and they are definitely one of my favorite groups. Derek Smith Djing and Adam Deitch playing the live drums makes for one of the by far the best groups performing live today. I god to see them perform for the University of Colorado (CU) Welcome concert last fall and they blew me away and Ibecoem and instant fan. You guys loved the last EP of theirs that I posted, and I know this EP is not going to be any different. It's 6 songs, and all of them capture the groovy/bass filled/ awesomeness of Pretty Lights that lots of have people have grown to love. Starting from the first song it captures the Pretty Lights that I love in a new better well done fashion. I highly recommend downloading the entire EP as it is verrrry sick, but download individual tracks if ytou feel the need. Visit Their Online Store for any Pretty Lights purchases. Enjoy!

Download the Entire Pretty Lights Spilling Over Every Side EP

High School Art Class – Pretty Lights | Download


Hot Like Dimes – Pretty Lights | Download


Let The Word Hurry By – Pretty Lights | Download


Look Both Ways – Pretty Lights | Download


Forever Lost  - Pretty Lights | Download


A Million Tomorrows – Pretty Lights | Download


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