Watch Pretty Lights Perform Unreleased Music At Summer Camp


We at TSIS have been keeping an especially close eye on Pretty Lights since he announced he would be releasing a new album in 2017. Since the announcement, the Denver-based artist has continued the hype by dropping 31 live "Flips" of his own tracks, announcing an epic 2-day mini festival at The Gorge and even mailing fans USB drives full of unreleased music. Last Sunday (May 28), Pretty Lights closed out his live performance at Summer Camp Festival’s Red Barn by playing the unreleased track and one diligent fan caught it on video and the fan is calling it "The Sun Spreads In Our Minds", but that title is not confirmed. 

Most likely from his long-awaited upcoming album, this new track is one of the only new songs Pretty Lights has come out with in the last few years. Watch him and his live band perform the unreleased single in full HD below. Enjoy!