Pretty Lights Gives Fans ‘USB 2.0’ Full Of Unreleased Material & Rarities


Pretty Lights undoubtedly has one of the most loyal fan bases in the electronic music scene, and his recent announcements and giveaways have shown how he continues to keep fans engaged. He has taken this even further with the announcement of the “Pretty Lights Movement,” which is a project that seeks to involve fans every step of the way by sharing art, ideas, and music within the Pretty Lights community. Pretty Lights took the first step toward the promise of further involving his fans by mailing out a USB full of unreleased tracks earlier this summer. In anticipation of his upcoming Episodic Tour, he recently gave fans USB 2.0, which is another collection of rare Pretty Lights material.

"To celebrate the new season of the Episodic Festival series, premiering next week on August 4th and 5th at The Gorge Amphitheater in George, WA, Pretty Lights has released a collection of rare, and unreleased tunes into the hands of fans in the form of USB 2.0. As the “Pretty Lights Movement” project continues to evolve, the idea of getting old and rare tunes to the fans as a way to progressively collaborate, bring the entire community together, share art in a different format, and move these rare pieces of sound forward to the social media platform also continues to evolve." – Pretty Lights Team 

USB 2.0, which was first handed out after Pretty Lights’ set at 400 Fest, is now available on SoundCloud in its entirety. The tracklist consists of flips of artists such as The Roots and Blind Melon, remixes of fan favorites like his track “Wrong Platform,” and a ton of never-before-heard material. Though there is a wide variety of tunes in this eclectic mix, Pretty Lights’ sound is unmistakable, with trippy samples, downtempo instrumentals, and a hip-hop meets electronic vibe. Check out USB 2.0 below, be on the lookout for more news from the Pretty Lights Movement, and enjoy!

Pretty Lights – USB 2.0