Princess Century Seeks “Desperate Love” On Glimmering Synthpop Track


If you want a chilled-out electronic tune for low-key listening, you’re sure to adore the striking song “Desperate Love” by artist Princess Century. The Canadian dropped this new single last week as a sneak peek of her album s u r r e n d e r, which is out this Friday, October 1. It’s a scintillating synthpop track that can put you in a trance.   

This dreamy number has a hypnotic melody with swelling synths. Each instrument starts quiet and then gradually gets louder until they are piercing and reverberating all around you, along with lush percussion and the soft vocal element. It’s a magnificent musical offering, rich and full of flavor, and perfect for putting on a smooth background vibe. 

You can listen to “Desperate Love” below. Enjoy!

Princess Century – Desperate Love