[PREMIERE] Rising Artist Prismo Delivers Uplifting Single “Smile”


20-year-old future bass producer Zach Burgett, aka Prismo, has proven to be a force to be reckoned with in the electronic music scene. On top of his quality production and intricate songwriting, he also sings on the majority of his tracks. Today we have the pleasure of premiering his latest release “Smile,” which stays true to his unique sound.

“Smile” begins with Burgett’s soulful vocals overlaying deep, atmospheric piano. The energy quickly builds before he breaks things down with echoed, sputtering chords and reverberating plucks. Prismo drops the track once more with higher energy, bringing in double time drums as his vocals continue in the distance.

Prismo had this to say about the tune:

"Smile is about being a source of comfort for your loved ones. "Smile, you're with me now" — you don't have anything to worry about! I wanted this song to show off the bones of the vocal and music production while staying loud and groovy. I'm continuously feeling more confident with my vocal presence in my music and I'm so excited to showcase that with this new song!"


“Smile” makes for a perfect addition to Prismo’s collection of quality bass music. Grab it now via Lowly Palace, listen below, and enjoy!

Prismo – Smile | Free Download | iTunes | Spotify