Finnish Producer Psylla & Singer McCall Conjure Hyperpop Perfection on “Silence”


Psylla, a talented producer from Finland, has teamed up with LA singer McCall to create a new single that has a mesmerizing sound. “Silence” is an enchanting electronica song that came out last week via music label The Bank. It’s only the second vocal record he’s made, and we are stoked to see it and already wanting to hear more.

Psylla’s production and McCall’s sweet honeyed vocals swirl to form serendipitous, auditory bliss. He crafts an energetic song with big bursts of bass and glitchy goodness, while her hushed voice adds a certain element of mellow mystique. It’s got a little bit of hyperpop, a little melodic dub in the breakdowns, and is 100% a heater that deserves to be added to your playlist. 

Take a listen to “Silence” below. Enjoy!

Psylla feat McCall – Silence