PREMIERE | Pure Colors & Soul Food Horns Create The Perfect Funky Groove With “Morning OJ”

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Atlanta producer, DJ, and multi-instrumentalist Pure Colors is one of those artists who makes music with a goal in mind, and manages to accomplish it more emphatically with each release. His blend of funk, hip hop, and jazz fusion has already gained him quite the following, and now with the release of “Morning OJ” he’s set to add to it.

The track is a collaboration with Soul Food Horns, and the connection between them shines through brightly. Featuring a funky guitar twang mixed with a bright electronic backline, and a subtle medley of different jazz band components, “Morning OJ” is one of those tracks that has the potential to brighten even the most overcast of mornings.

Stream the track exclusively below. Enjoy!

Pure Colors & Soul Food Horns – Morning OJ