Purient Wields Genre-Bending Electronica With Wild New EP ‘Memories’

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The city of Melbourne is widely considered to be Australia’s cultural capital, with one of the highest densities of commercial art galleries in the world complemented by a thriving theatre and music scene that welcomes globally renowned productions and performers. Knowing that, it only seems fitting that Melbourne is home to one of the country’s most forward thinking artists, Purient. We recently introduced her to the site with a reality bending remix of her track, “Fantasy,” and today we have her new EP in full, Memories.

If there’s one thing we appreciate here at TSIS, it’s an artist that marches to the beat of their own drum. Well… Purient takes the damn drum and throws straight through the window. This EP will have you floating in a dream in one tune and careening through an industrial subterranean realm in the next. Through her use of electronic manipulation and some remixed reimagining, this Aussie has concocted a mold breaking EP that will surely turn heads and rack up streams.

Experience this simulation busting new EP for yourself below. Enjoy!

Purient – Memories