TOO SICK BANGER REMIX: Put On My Raving Kicks (Cold Blank Remix) – Aniki Ft. Whiskey Pete

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Glad you guys love the BANGER remixes I've posted, and lately I've been more on a end of summer chilled out vibe, but it's time to start getting everyones playlist ready for those back to school parties. And today I've got an absolute BANGER that you are going to want to blast out of some massive speakers with some huge subs. This is a remix of Aniki's 'Put On My Raving Kicks' and this electro house remix is done by Cold Blank, the sick duo from LA who know how to make a track BANG hard. Cold Blank is actually going to be playing in Denver this Friday 8/21 with some sick local acts at Cervantes, check out more info here. Well you honestly just need to play this song out of some massive speakers ASAP, and enjoy the intense ride. Enjoy!

Put On My Raving Kicks (Cold Blank Remix) – Aniki ft. Whiskey Pete | Download


Purchase The Song in Various Formats via Beatport Here

Check Out More Cold Blank via Official Facebook Page