QRTR Puts a Melodic Twist on Techno with New Tune “roll credits”

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Making waves as one of the most notable rising electronic artists in New York, Meagan Rodriguez, better known as QRTR, has plans to turn even more heads in 2023. Her last body of original music, infina ad nausea, was a groundbreaking milestone for the budding artist after it released in 2021. Now, the producer returns with a new EP, catching our attention with her track “roll credits.”

Percussion driven, “roll credits” begins with a vibey synth lead and sixteenth-note hat hits, establishing the fast paced nature of the track. QRTR flexes her eclectic production style with flute leads, interspersed between verbed-out background vocals as the track escalates into its first drop. A bouncy bass line fills in the spaces and pushes the track forward, playing into techno influence, but adding a bright, melodic twist.

QRTR commented on the inspiration behind her new EP as a whole, saying:

This project was written during a time when I wanted to escape the situation I was in. These songs felt like the beginning, middle and end of a heist film to me. They helped soundtrack a huge transformation in my life – moving from my home in Brooklyn for the last decade to a new city where I hardly knew anyone. I’m excited to release this EP at the start of this new chapter of me stealing my life back and refocusing on my art.

You can stream “roll credits” on music for stealing to at the link below, out everywhere via Headroom Records. Enjoy!

QRTR – roll credits