PREMIERE | R&B Upstart Quincy Mumford Delivers Smooth Funk On “Great Escape”

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Every so often a new artist reaches your ears that instantly resonates with you. That’s how thousands of listeners felt when Quincy Mumford dropped his debut single “Thank You” last month and skyrocketed to a #2 spot on Spotify’s US Viral 50 charts. The talented R&B vocalist seemed to appear from the blue, backed by production from the talented electro-funk producer Jenaux and expert instrumentals from keyboardist David Alastre. Now Quincy followed up his viral hit with the undeniably smooth single “Great Escape”.

Hallmarks of Quincy’s emerging style: a warm bassline, effortlessly catchy vocals, and a positive message. “Great Escape” delivers on all three from the first moment. After Quincy provides a brief intro on happiness, a bell rings and the track clicks into place with a hazy synth chord and pattering bassline. Jenaux’s production on this track is immaculate, mixing in subtle record scratches with deep, resonant horns. This soundscape leaves plenty of room for Quincy’s stunning vocals, which can switch from soaring hooks to rap-style side bars in an instant.

Quincy shared his own thoughts on the track’s meaning here:

"Great Escape is a song about self-realization. Finding that thing in life that takes you out of the dark, and into the light to become the best version of yourself."

Turns out that listening to Quincy Mumford is its own Great Escape. Enjoy!

Quincy Mumford – Great Escape