Race Banyon is Demanding the Dance Floor’s “Attention” with His New Track


There’s nothing like a good tech house track to wake you up in the mornings. Today we present you with the latest single from New Zealand-based producer Race Banyon. Released via EMK, the new label from Kartel Music Group, “Attention” is guaranteed to inject some energy in your veins.

Race Banyon starts off with a somewhat pensive synth line, letting his own vocals build over that. The main focus of the song, however, is the driving 4×4 beat, and it’s not long before we’re really in the swing of things. “Attention” is that rare gem of a song that feels both emotional and introspective, but is also a club-ready banger.

In a press release, Race Banyon described the production process in more detail for us:

‘Attention’ is in the pocket of energy that I really enjoy – faster than traditional house but not too far up there. It feels really exciting…The song features my own singing which was really born out of the desire to not just sample another early 2000s R&B acapella. The lyrics are somewhat meaningless though, they do sound like I’m talking about the particular brand of people I would meet in LA.

If you’re a house head, you need to check out this track. You can do using the link below. Enjoy!

Race Banyon – Attention