Rising Producer Race Banyon Shares Compelling Self-Titled Debut Album


New Zealand-based producer, Race Banyon, first catapulted onto the scene by turning heads with his unique blend of electronic R&B and experimental sounds. The producer has since taken his project in various directions, but still holds true to the core that is Race Banyon. Today, Race achieves yet another milestone in his career, with the release of his self-titled debut album, Race Banyon.

Tailored for the dance floor, Race Banyon features both club-ready beats as well as entrancing melodic arrangements. Techno-inspired grooves make their way into the album, picking up the energy in tracks like “Hold Me,” while “Describe” and “I Remember” contrastingly provide moments of tranquility. Banyon seldom uses vocals throughout the LP as a main focus, rather morphing them to construct chops and other rhythmic applications.

Race Banyon commented on the album, sharing:

This album is me trying to create a space for free expression. I wanted to make something that was pure, emotive and straight to the point. Nothing overcooked, just ideas straight onto record. I wanted to leave space in these tracks for people to find something for themselves in. I’d been working on bits and pieces for a year and it just made sense to put them all into one project.

You can stream Race Banyon at the link below, out everywhere via EMK. Enjoy!

Race Banyon – Race Banyon