Random Dudes Deliver Nostalgic New Indie-Rock Single, “What We Were Talking About”


There’s something so satisfying about the reliable chug of an indie-rock track. The energy is pure, uncluttered, and grounding. If you’re like me and take solace in this sound on the reg, Germany’s up-and-coming indie act, Random Dudes, just might be the band for you.

The project started by Roland Sonnabend, checks all the boxes for top-notch indie vibes—bright, stringy, guitar lines, wispy vocals, dependable drum kit—and the latest single, “What We Were Talking About,” will have you floating in a ’90s camcorder dream. One can’t help but take on a major case of nostalgic, main-character syndrome, coasting through the next four minutes imagining a grainy home video of captured summer days.

This new single comes ahead of the project’s first full-length album, Pizza ’79, due out in the coming weeks. There’s a sophomore album, Cheveux de Riches, reportedly coming later this year as well. We’ll be keeping eyes out for both, but in the meantime, stream Random Dudes’ new single, “What We Were Talking About,” below. Enjoy!

Random Dudes – What We Were Talking About