Rapper Finnoh Showcases Slick Sound in New Video for “Opaque”


One of the latest rappers coming onto our radar is Finnoh. Formerly known as Ill Chill, the talented artist recently premiered a music video to accompany his 2020 track “Opaque.”

One of the top producers in bass right now, Supertask lends his talents to the cool, simplistic flow that Finnoh delivers. The keystrokes pulse like a heartbeat, establishing a meditative vibe, with Finnoh’s bars kicking in shortly afterward. The song gets its title from the main refrain: “I can see through all the bullshit, it isn’t opaque.” His rapping is clean; understated but confident.

This new music video has an apocalyptic feel. Shots of Finnoh walking through rundown hallways in abandoned buildings are interspersed throughout footage of nature. The video is bookended with a shot of him and five mirror images of himself arranged like a halo around him, signifying the reflective nature of the track.

Make sure to add Finnoh to your list of emerging rappers to make note of. You can check out the video for “Opaque” using the link below. Enjoy!

Finnoh – Opaque