Real Heavy Electronic Song ft. Nelly Furtado – Magical World


Alright I was pretty hesitant to throw this one up, on account of the Nelly Furtado, and because it's a little heavy and might be a little to heavy and electronic for some of the listeners, if that's the case wait till the next post haha. Well this is a new track out of the Electronic artist Bassnectar. It's a new track , and it features some sampling of Nelly Furtado, and suprisingly I feel like it works, it's a slow offbeat kind of track, well I know some will love it, and some will think it's too heavy. It's got a dubstep / electro vibe going, just turn up the bass and bump it.  Give me some feedback please, and enjoy!

Magical World – Bassnectar ft. Nelly Furtado (Stream Only)