Real Sick Chill Mash-up featuring Murs & Slug of Atmosphere ‘Sun Chewed Up’


So with the recent over saturation of mash-ups, Boulder getting hit especially hard, I became a little sick of mash-ups. But there are some that I think are just the bees knees. This one features Slug from Atmosphere which is a TSIS favorite & Murs against a band I hadn't heard really anything about, Caribou. Slug's rapping is pretty sick on this track, the rapping is taken from Felt's latest album, these two tracks come together for a nice chill rap mash-up. Mashed by DJ STV SLV over at The Hood Internet. For those of you who a hard night, this is the perfect song to enjoy start the day, nothing crazy, just a chill song with a little bit of energy to it. Enjoy!

Sun Chewed Up – Atmosphere & Murs vs Caribou (DJ STV SLV)


Download (Click Link on Page)