Real Sick Chill Rap Song: Gilbere Forte’ ft. Freelance Whales – 1st Floor

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So I'm finally starting to sift through the overcrowded dropbox (where readers submit tracks they want posted) which is the best way for me to hear your track, it just got so overcrammed with tracks it was hard to tackle it. Well this track submitted by jake m is really sick, and I'm glad that I listened to it. The rapper's name is Gilbere Forte' and the track is '1st Floor'. It's off of Gilbere's latest EP 87 Dreams. This track really is too sick, the rapping and the sampling of indie band Freelance Whales works together to well.  This is a track the definitely needs a full listen through before you can give your final opinion. Give it a listen and enjoy!

1st Floor – Gilbere Forte' ft. Freelance Whales | Download

1st Floor

Purchase Gilbere Forte's Music Including the Entire 87 Dreams EP via iTunes Here