Real Sick New Hip-Hop: Cam Meekins & Chris Webby – Fast Lane


Cam Meekins, the up and coming rapper that's been making a name for himself in the past couple months has teamed up with Chris Webby to make one of the sickest songs I've heard come out of either of these artists. You guys loved 'Just Like You' from Meekins, and  Chris Webby's remix of 'I Need A Dolla' is another favorite I've mine. This song 'Fast Lane' talkes about how both rappers are going through a very fast paced life, yet that's the only way they would have it. Matty Trump produced this song, and did a incredible job, the beat sounds so legit and well done. The song as a whole is just very chill and catchy. Enjoy!

Fast Lane (Prod. by Matty Trump) – Cam Meekins & Chris Webby | Download


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