Real Sick Quality Rap NEW FREE ALBUM | Ryan Lewis & Symmetry – LP


So as I transition into summer the posts became lacking the past week, but haven no fear, I am back to posting regularly. And something I am going to be featuring is the regular release of mixtapes/freely distributed albums. I have already posted some such as Milkman, Pretty Lights, etc. But I am going to be featuring a few new ones every week.

Well todays album is the latest from the talented Ryan Lewis and Symmetry who rep the Seatle area. The two came together for one of the best freelydistrubted albums I've heard. Both of the artists are very talented, and them collaborating is just to perfect. The beats and lyrics both in the album have such a great feel, chill but with depth. It's perfect for welcoming the start of summer.Props to Kati Stanford for mentioning this to me. Now I am posting all the tracks individually, but I am also posting the entire album in a .zip file which I really encourage you to get as the whole thing will not dissapoint. If you have trouble with file just let me know, enjoy this amazing album! Really, give every track a listen, you'll like most of them!

Download The Entire LP Album in A Single .Zip File Here

This first track is the only I'll say something about, and that it is upbeat and very sick, I believe this is the single of the album.

Make Me Yours – Ryan Lewis & Symmetry | Download

05 Make Me Yours

Back In Business – Ryan Lewis & Symmetry | Download

01 Back In Business

Down – Ryan Lewis & Symmetry | Download

02 Down

Feel Right – Ryan Lewis & Symmetry | Download

03 Feel Right

School Days – Ryan Lewis & Symmetry | Download

04 School Days

Fireflies – Ryan Lewis & Symmetry | Download

06 Fireflies

On Your Toes – Ryan Lewis & Symmetry | Download

07 On Your Toes

Cuttin' Out – Ryan Lewis & Symmetry | Download

08 Cuttin' Out

Pardon Me – Ryan Lewis & Symmetry | Download

09 Pardon Me

Purchas Ryan Lewis & Symmetry's Music via iTunes Here