Real Sick Rap Remix of ‘I Need A Dolla’ – Chris Webby ft. Mac Miller


Somethin about Aloe Blacc's 'I Need A Dolla' is just soo sick and chill. It's such a good song, and get's remixed an absurd amount. But the suprising thing is that most of the remixes are great as you guys went nuts over the Big Gigantic remix, and I heard a couple alright rap versions, but something about this one is just sick. Haha side note I love when I start to think of something else to describe a song, and then just go with "sick". Well this version by Chris Webby who you guys have grown to love and Mac Miller is just dirty, both artists tear it up, and the song had a little added beat to it. Bump this chill track and enjoy!

I Need A Dolla – Chris Webby ft. Mac Miller | Download


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