Real Sick Chill Solid Rap Album From Chris Young – Mood Swing EP


Today's mixtape is from Chris Young, one of San Diego's next up and coming rappers. When he's not playing frat parties and other shows through the California area he's busting out some real sick tracks. I've got the Mood Swing EP and why it's called an EP is beyond me, considering it's 16 songs. It has also not the newest album. Regardless this album is real hot and has some real sick songs. There are a lot of really sick beats and sick rhyming, be sure to enjoy all these tracks! This is another real sick album so I had a hard time only choosing single tracks and ended up with 9 of them haha. Well you should probably just snag the whole album as it is definitely worth it. Enjoy this sick album!

Download The Entire Mood Swing EP In A Single .Zip File Here

Down Through My Life– Chris Young | Download

02-Down Through My Life (Produced by The Ski-Team)

California Soul – Chris Young | Download

03-California Soul(Produced by Vision)

Been On A Mission – Chris Young | Download

04- Been On A Mission feat. Ben Siskin

Ms. Mulatto – Chris Young | Download

05- Ms.Mulatto

Black and Gold – Chris Young | Download

08- Black & Gold (Produced by Vision)

Heart – Chris Young | Download

09- Heart (Produced by The Ski-Team)

American Booty – Chris Young | Download

11- American Booty (Produced by Vision)

Gypsy Eyes – Chris Young | Download

15- Gypsy Eyes (Produced by Raz Russo)

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