Chance the Rapper’s Petition Changed the Grammys To Include Free Releases


Chance The Rapper has always been uncompromising on his decision to release his music for free. The very respectable decision has not only led to battles with labels to release his music, but has also blocked his ability to earn a Grammy nomination due to their previous requirement of music needing to be available for sale. 

This led to Chance The Rapper pushing a petition for the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences to reconsider the Grammy requirements and allow free music to be eligible for the prestigious award. The movement quickly picked up steam, and as a result the 2017 Awards will look differently. For the first time ever, streaming-only releases will be eligible for nomination. 

Chance The Rapper’s Coloring Book is an amazing stream only album, which now has the opportunity to grab a Grammy. It’s exciting to see the award grow with the times as Bill Freimuth of the Recording Academy has made a statement “Our trustees felt like the time had come; it’s been on our radar for a couple of years now,” he says. He goes on to explain that for music to be considered it must be a legitimate release and not just some random youtube video as he states “The goal was to include recordings that were worthy of Grammy consideration that were streaming-only — which it turns out were a pretty small number — and exclude the 12-year-old singing a Beyonce cover into her comb that’s easy to put up online also these days for streaming.”

We’re excited to see this new change in the Grammys next year and are looking forward to see what happens as a result.