GRiZ Teases Red Rocks Performance For 2018 In Epic New Video


GRiZ has been very cryptic on social media lately, leading us to speculate whether this next album is his last under the GRiZ project or not. While many questions are circulating around the TSIS favorite artist, one thing seems certain after today… GRiZ is returning to Red Rocks this year. However, his video seems to hint that this could be his last run as GRiZ at the iconic venue.

After clearing his Instagram and Tweeting messages like "I'm gonna miss u guys" and "It's really weird cause this new album really feels like the last one", it had us wondering, is GRiZ planning on moving on from this project after his next album? We're not sure, but at least he's just shared a video with the caption "Tomorrow" and a video using a sample that kept repeating "One more time." Does this mean he has one last Red Rocks show up his sleeve? Stay tuned for tomorrow to see his announcement and enjoy!