Red Rocks Implements Palm-Swiping Tech for Concert Entry


You are now able to use a scan of your palm to get into Red Rocks concerts.

The venue implemented a new system this Tuesday, created by Amazon, which can recognize your palmprint and approve you for entry. Instead of fumbling with your phone and using sometimes frustrating mobile apps, you would simply place your palm over a device. Concertgoers only need to sign up once, and then they can use their palm to get into all shows and events at the venue if they have purchased a ticket.

The technology is called Amazon One, and this is the first time it’s being used outside of their physical stores, where customers can pay for groceries by swiping their palms. For those worried about privacy, Amazon claims that the biometric data is stored in a secure part of its cloud and that users can ask for the information to be deleted at any time.

Those who choose to use the palm-swiping tech for entry will have their own separate line.

H/T AP News