Remix Duo: PANCE PARTY! Sick Rap Remixes


Alright, well it's saturday, which means everyone needs some new songs for their saturday nights right? Well today we've got 2 remixes fr0k a sick electro duo from San Francisco: Pance Party. These guys have their own style, very heavy electro sounding. I mean with a name like that you've got to be pretty sick.  The first is of Lil Jon's classic "I do".  It is completely warped into a different song.

Lil Jon – I Do (Pance Party Remix) | Mediafire Download | Hulkshare Download

Lil Jon – I Do (Pance Party Remix)

Now some of you said the last electro post was a little too much for some of you, and others said it was awesome. So opinions of these tracks will help me pick songs that you will all love more!

Secondly we've got another remix by Pance Party of a smaller band also based out of San Fransico BlacKMahal with the track "Save Flavor". After hearing the original, it doesn't even compare to the remix. Well if you like heavy hitting club tracks you're gonna love this song, if you hate house/electro you most likely won't be fan. Well let me know and i'd really like to know you're thoughts! Enjoy as always!

BlacKMahal – Save the Flavor (Pance Party Remix) | Mediafire Download | Hulkshare Download

PAnce PArty Remix