Ren Zukii Is WAKAAN’s Newest ‘Monarch’ with Visceral Debut EP

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WAKAAN has been one of bass music’s most esteemed labels since its inception back in 2015. Home to releases from artists like LSDREAM, Mersiv, Luzcid, and label head Liquid Stranger, WAKAAN’s influence cannot be denied. Their latest roster addition, Ren Zukii, also happens to be the label’s first exclusive signee, with her stimulating debut EP, Monarch.

As electronic music and the accompanying industry continues to evolve, we commonly see labels launching one-off artist releases, so seeing a Ren Zukii go all-in with WAKAAN is an exciting development. One listen to this debut project is enough to know the label landed someone special. Immersive sound design sculpts an ever-changing figure defined by slicing synth work, gut-punching bass lines, and an unapologetic refusal to conform to genre lines. Zukii poured her all in this EP saying:

The ‘Monarch’ EP is a culmination of 6 years of my journey in music. I realized I could never really just write one style of music so I set off to combine everything I love about the experimental bass music scene. A lot of the inspiration for this EP came from listening to a lot of Metal and watching Quentin Tarantino movies. It’s chaotic, emotional, and visceral and is the first of many to come.

If there’s one thing we love at TSIS, it’s a boundary-breaking artist. Consider this your invitation to the reign of Ren Zukii. Stream her debut EP, Monarch, below. Enjoy!

Ren Zukii – Monarch EP