[PREMIERE] Reo Cragun Makes TSIS Debut With Refreshing Hip-Hop / R&B Single “Lost” Ft. Nipsey Hussle + Interview


Today we’re excited to be introducing an talented up-and-coming artist Reo Cragun whose debut single "Inconsiderate" quickly racked up over a million plays on Spotify alone and caught our attention. We’re pleased to be premiering his latest single "Lost" featuring Nipsey Hussle along with an interview to become more familiar with the exciting artist. 

The Vancouver native had a full scholarship to University in Washington where he was studying Biology before circumstances forced him to drop out. He then was working in the produce department in Costco when he linked with his team and made the decision to make the move out to L.A. This versatile singer / rapper is also a multi-instrumentalist who plays guitar, piano, violin, trumpet and more. This diverse musicality shows in his songs as his infectious melodies will get stuck in your head for hours. This latest release builds on Reo’s small, but already impressive catalog and show he’s an artist to take seriously in 2017.

"Lost" is an atmospheric R&B ballad putting his uniquely captivating vocals on full display. He utilizes a slow rolling, chill trap instrumental with a calming sound design paired alongside rumbling bass tones topped off with the relaxing verse from Nipsey Hussle. Become more familiar with this rising talent below and be sure to also give "Inconsiderate" a listen as well. Enjoy!

Reo Cragun – Lost (Ft. Nipsey Hussle) | Purchase

What was your reaction when your debut single "Inconsiderate" had such a positive response?

I didn't think people were going to take to it as well as they did. I was super stoked, and still am! It's a shame that so many people related to it because it's low key such a sad song, but I'm glad that it's been an outlet for people to channel their emotions. 

How did moving to LA change your musical career?

When I moved out to LA I was able to build connections with pretty much everybody that makes up my current team today. Los Angeles saved my life. I'd still be pushing carts at Costco daydreaming about gaining traction with this music shit if I hadn't made the decision to come out here. 

Could you tell us about this new single “Lost” and what it means to you?

Lost is literally about living in the moment. In the song I pretty much am telling this girl that we need to stop with all the technical things and not think for awhile. Pretty much she's the only thing that matters to me and I'm the only thing that matters to her. No words are necessary in moments like that. We're lost in the music in the moment and in the vibe. 

What are you up to next?

All that I have planned is to crank out hits and keep building. I want these records to connect with people because I had to go through a lot of experiences to create them. We have a lot of moves planned out this year that I can't speak on at the moment, but I can guarantee you'll be hearing about them in the near future.

Reo Cragun – Inconsiderate | Stream Only