Rezz Confirms That “Rezz Rocks” Will Be An Annual Event


It looks like there will be a longstanding relationship between one of the most beloved electronic artists in the U.S. and one of the most beloved venues in the U.S. Rezz has officially announced via Twitter that her performance at Red Rocks will be an annual reoccurrence

Fans who were at her show this year know that her sold out Red Rocks debut was one of the best concerts at the historic venue all season. Now, knowing how loyal "The Cult of Rezz" is, Rezz Rocks will certainly be a flagship event for her fans for years to come. 

Those who attended Rezz Rocks this year were faced with brutally cold weather, to the point where Rezz was forced to end her show at an earlier time than scheduled (although she did play a full set). Many of those fans must be thrilled to hear that she'll be coming back for another round. This time, hopefully with better weather.

If Rezz Rocks 2019 sells out at the same rate this year's did, we wouldn't be surprised if they handed her a two night event! But we'll just have to wait and see on that. 

Check out her full performance from this year below. Enjoy!