REZZ Returns To Her Roots on Fifth Studio Album ‘CAN YOU SEE ME?’

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For fans of REZZ who have been there since day one, today is a very special release day. The renowned Canadian artist shares her fifth studio album, CAN YOU SEE ME?, undeniably paying tribute to the bass-heavy roots that led her to becoming the electronic icon she is today. With that being said, if this album is your first taste of REZZ’s music, it couldn’t be a more perfect introduction.

CAN YOU SEE ME? is REZZ’s most collaborative album to date, focusing on hard-hitting, bass-thumping sounds intended to cause fans to “develop sudden spikes of serotonin.” Just like REZZ told us on her socials, every single track is unique, and there are no dull moments whatsoever. We could not be more happy to enjoy each and every sludgy half-time banger, and especially enjoyed the surprising four-on-the-floor twist on “CUT ME OUT.” 

REZZ shared her thoughts on the album release last night, commenting:

Tonight is the night I release my favorite album I’ve made. The music was so satisfying to make. Every single track. No filler tracks. Just all hard as fuck. My favorite project ever, perfectly aligned to my current tastes.

You can stream CAN YOU SEE ME? at the link below, out everywhere via HypnoVizion. Enjoy!