REZZ Confirms Her Collaboration With deadmau5 Will Happen


A BIG collaboration is on the way! None other than REZZ and deadmau5 have something up their sleeves and REZZ just confirmed it’ll happen at some point. REZZ has shown her mindset when coming to collab is solely focused on the music opposed to the hype associated with a particular artist. She’s worked with unknown producer Knodis in the past and now has given us something to look forward to with deadmau5, although it sounds like it’s in the early stages. Enjoy!

A lot of ppl always asking me ‘collab w/ this person or that person’

But I won’t do a collab jus for the hype of it. Don’t care if some1 only has like 1 follower, or 10 million if they make cool shit I’m down

— Rezz (@OfficialRezz) April 29, 2018

that will happen

I have been working on stuff and I’m just trying to make an idea that will work for both of our vibes n hope he likes

Im patient for it tho I don’t jus wanna send him something mediocre

— Rezz (@OfficialRezz) April 29, 2018