Watch REZZ Drop Gritty Unreleased Remix Of Porter Robinson’s “Divinity”


A few days ago when REZZ announced she was remixing a track off of Porter Robinson’s Worlds we were absolutely pumped. Although we thought we would have to wait for a bit to hear the track, today we’ve received a first listen to "Divinity" (REZZ Remix).

Having confirmed that she was remixing track one off Worlds only days ago, we have a dedicated Montreal-based fan to thank for this latest capture of REZZ dropping the new remix for the first time. Having kept the lead melody and Amy Millan’s whispy vocals intact, REZZ has effectively flipped “Divinity” on it’s head, adding in her own dark, gritty sound design to this experimental/future bas hybrid. Check out the remix below and enjoy!

Porter Robinson – Divinity (REZZ Remix)

video: @zGNTX

photo: @joshskolnikphotos