Watch REZZ Drop A Filthy Unreleased Track At Day For Night Festival


REZZ has been making waves every since she burst out onto the scene with her innovative sound, but Mass Manipulation proved to everyone that she was no one-trick-pony. The breakout album showcased the range in her sound design and song structure, which was something to behold. It’s what earned her a spot on our Top 20 Electronic Albums of the Year

What’s left to do when you have nothing else to prove? Well, why not go back to your roots, but with your bolstered skill set in production? Based off a recent live video from Day For Night festival, that’s exactly what it looks like REZZ is doing now. During a rare daytime set, Space Mom can be seeing dropping one of her filthiest “alien bass” tracks yet. The sound design on the drop is out of this world, while the buildups and breakdowns are a clear throwback to her earlier tunes.

No matter the time nor place, REZZ seems to be always sitting on some new heat. She is known to treat her friends to the occasional freebie single from time to time, so perhaps we could see this tune released in the near future.