REZZ Drops Sinister Single “Premonition” With Rising Artist knodis


Canadian producer REZZ has been on her game these past few months. The deadmau5-influenced artist brings a fascinatingly sinister sound to the table, a signature that has deepened with each of her 2017 releases. Just a few weeks ago we heard the first dark single, titled “Relax,” from her forthcoming album Mass Manipulation. Riding the high from that powerful original, REZZ dropped “Diluted Brains” last week along with the announcement of a stacked world tour.

Today we’re happy to be featuring the third single from this album, “Premonition” with mysterious newcomer knodis. Besides knodis' Canadian roots, not much is known about the artist. knodis has apparently produced with various artists under a past project that hasn't been revealed, with this collab alongside Rezz being the first under the new moniker. If it’s any sign of what’s to come, knodis is certainly one to watch.

“Premonition” takes things a step further from that dark sound we’ve come to know and love from REZZ. An almost robotic, wicked-sounding beat persists throughout the track, with the artists tying in some powerful otherworldly elements to create a vibe that’s both ominous and atmospheric. The producers skillfully blend in layer after layer of production, both with the alien synth builds and the haunting basslines.

This release joins REZZ’s exciting rollout for her debut album, with the producer sharing a new single every week up until the album’s release on August 4. Check out “Premonition” below and enjoy! 

REZZ & knodis – Premonition | iTunes | Spotify