REZZ Releases Hypnotic Debut Album ‘Mass Manipulation’


The wait is finally over; REZZ’s debut album Mass Manipulation is here, and it’s everything fans were hoping for. In just two years, Isabelle Rezazadeh has taken the world by storm, cultivating her own brand of dark, pumping electronic music. The undefinable characteristics of REZZ’s music allow her to stand out from the crowd and have contributed to her ever-growing, cult following of fans. Drawing elements from such genres as underground techno, hard house, and bass music, Mass Manipulation stays true to REZZ’s distinct style and solidifies her position in a category of her own. 

Mass Manipulation encapsulates the hypnotic aura REZZ creates both in her music and in her live sets. If you haven’t seen her perform live, take “Relax,” the first track off the album, as an example, and check out the video for that to get a better idea. Another common element in her music are the broken-sounding synth arpeggios we can hear in tracks like “Diluted Brains” and “Synesthesia.” The eerie, bass-heavy drops in tracks like “Green Gusher” aren’t all REZZ has to offer though; “Ascension,” for example, presents as a dark future bass tune, reminiscent of some of Porter Robinson’s work, “DRUGS!” hits us with dubstep-esque wobbling bass and bright percussion, and “Premonition” infuses REZZ’s style with acid house vibes.

Mass Manipulation takes REZZ’s production chops to another level and shows her versatility in incorporating her style into many different formats. From start to finish, we are hypnotized by haunting melodies and energetic breakdowns, unwilling to escape the dire yet captivating atmosphere REZZ has created. Her supporting tour begins in two days and will be making its way from Canada to the U.S. throughout August and September. Check out Mass Manipulation, out now via mau5trap, grab tickets for the tour here, and enjoy!

Rezz – Mass Manipulation