Watch REZZ’s Full, Monstrous Set from Red Rocks 2022

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We’re well on our way through the holiday season, and we’d like to take a moment and revisit one of our highlights so far, Nightmare On REZZ Street 2. This time of year is always stacked with seasonal mixes, and four years ago, REZZ entered the mix with Nightmare On REZZ Street. 2022 saw the second coming of the legendary mix with twelve unreleased tracks.

Space Mom took REZZ Street to REZZ Rocks this year, her annual headline event at the celebrated Red Rocks Amphitheater. The two-night Halloweekend event featured extended sets blending those coveted IDs and REZZ’s favorite tracks right now. If you weren’t able to witness the greatest group hypnosis on earth, fear not. We have the live recording for you below.

With shots from every possible camera angle, you’ll get a taste of everything Nightmare at REZZ Rocks had to offer. So press play below and see for yourself what all the hype is about. Enjoy!