RHNO Keeps It Light And Lethal On Vibin Indie Rock Track, “Ivana”


One of our favorite up-and-coming acts as of late is bedroom pop duo, “RHNO.” We’ve fallen head over heels for the pair’s retro-kissed rhythms and today we’re stoked to have them back on site for the release of their new single, “Ivana.”

Whoever Ivana is, they sound like a handful, but RHNO makes that handful sound oh-so-right. Dreamy synths and guitar chucks bend and wine with the lively tempo laid out by the drums and bass creating a zesty accompaniment while the spell of distorted vocals takes hold. This track is a USDA-certified bop packed with the sunny, windows-down vibe we need just in time for spring.

Stream RHNO’s impossibly smooth new track, “Ivana,” below. Enjoy!

RHNO – Ivana