Brooklyn Group RHNO Drop Gentle Bedroom Pop Song “You’re Getting Stranger”


RHNO, an indie pairing who have a home studio in Brooklyn, put out singles the last two months—and we’re really into them. To our delight, they are keeping with the momentum and dropped more music in October. “You’re Getting Stranger” came out last week, and we see it being a big staple for chill playlists this fall.

In this dreamy bedroom pop number, they let slick vocals slide over the laidback riffs and relaxed tempo. There’s a sort of vintage/retro vibe to the song that comes courtesy of the light and delicate synths, and the track even has a smooth little outro. It’s a lush jam that washes over you like a warm breeze.

You can stream RHNO’s latest below. Enjoy!

RHNO – You’re Getting Stranger