Indie R&B Artist Rhye Shares Stunning Album ‘Blood’ Putting Insane Falsetto Vocals On Full Display

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Five years after their incredible debut album, Rhye returns with a must hear new project titled Blood.
There something about unique vocals that hit just right, and Rhye has some of the most unique vocals out there. 

The indie R&B album is amazingly relaxing as Mike Milosh’s vocals have hypnotic, lullaby effect almost with the funky, and extra chill production lays the perfect foundation. With Rhye’s previous album Woman, the group was a duo including Milosh on vocals alongside production by Robin Hannibal. Since then, Hannibal has parted ways and Milosh shows he can still make amazing music as a solo artist. The project started out anonymous and I actually thought it was a woman’s vocals I was hearing, but that just shows how insane of a range he has to hit those falsetto notes. 

Blood is amazing from start to finish. When Rhye toured for Woman, Milosh quickly realized the low energy songs sounded great live, but he wanted to make something that people could dance to. Flash forward five years and here we are with the follow-up. Milosh was the vocalist, producer and writer for Blood, and this cohesive energy is apparent throughout. The vocals and production combine for a dreamy effect combining lush electronic production with laid back organic instrumentation making for a unique sound we’re going to be coming back to quite a bit. Enjoy!

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