Rick And Morty Are Dropping A New Album


Rick and Morty are back at it. The trippy cartoon show has built a cult-like following over the past few years and have a full album on the way. Adult Swim has always been closely tied with music and they have a double album due September 28 via Adult Swim/Sub Pop as a full 26 tracks.

We’ve seen Rick and Morty get directly involved with artists in the past as Logic has made an appearance on the show as well the characters announced his mixtape separately, deadmau5 had a custom countdown from them on his NYE show, a music video for Run The Jewels and they even made a happy birthday song just for Kanye West, who’s a big fan of the show. The project comes as a box set with a portal themed vinyl to fit with the show.

See the clip with Logic below, the music video with Run The Jewels along with the full tracklist. The show was recently renewed so stay tuned for more from the already iconic duo and enjoy!


01 Rick and Morty Theme Song
02 Jerry’s Rick
03 The Small Intestine Song
04 The Flu Hatin’ Rap
05 African Dream Pop
06 Mazzy Star – “Look on Down From the Bridge”
07 The Rick Dance
08 Goodbye Moonmen
09 Summer and Tinkles
10 Chaos Chaos – “Do You Feel It”
11 Unity Says Goodbye
12 Get Schwifty (C-131)
13 Raised Up (C-131)
14 clipping. – “Stab Him in the Throat”
15 Help Me I’m Gonna Die
16 Let Me Out
17 Chaos Chaos – “Memories”
18 Chad VanGaalen – “Stuttering Light”
19 Alien Jazz Rap
20 Blonde Redhead – “For the Damaged Coda”
21 Fathers and Daughters
22 Belly – “Seal My Fate”
23 Chaos Chaos – “Terryfold”
24 Tales From the Citadel
25 Rick and Morty Score Medley
26 Human Music