Rising Artist Jimi Somewhere Impresses On Genre-Blending ‘PONYBOY’ EP


In case you haven’t figured it out yet, Jimi Somewhere is an artist you should definitely be keeping an eye on. There’s been a shift towards more DIY “bedroom” artists over the past couple years with the likes of BROCKHAMPTON, Yellow Days and Clairo on the rise. Jimi falls in that same vein with his angsty sound that is somewhere in between indie rock, hip-hop, pop and electronic music.

After delivering incredible singles like “1st PLACE” and “I SHOT MY DOG,” the young Norwegian artist has delivered his full 6-track PONYBOY EP that we’ve been stoked to hear in full. There’s something about his sound that evokes a strong sense of nostalgia. He effortlessly captures the sound of carefree youth in musical form and I love it. The project was clearly well thought out as well as each song transitions with ease.

Throughout PONYBOY there seems to be a coming of age theme. This comes as no surprise since Jimi Somewhere is only 20 years old, but has his sound much more dialed in than many of his peers. His passionate vocals are as impressive as his songwriting, which is infectious on most songs off the EP. He sounds as great with his raw vocals as he does with autotune, and uses vocal effects in the best way possible. I’ve found myself humming the melodies even days after hearing his songs, so good luck getting these out of your head. Along with the new EP comes a striking music for the new song “BLUE SKIES,” which you can see below along with the full EP. Enjoy!

Jimi Somewhere – PONYBOY