Rising Artist Khamari Drops Gorgeous, Soulful Ballad “Doctor, My Eyes”


It’s not every day that a song gives us goosebumps, but the new track from Khamari did just that. Since we pleasure of stumbling upon the rising artist earlier this year, he’s been on our radar. Ahead of his first-ever show at the Day N Night festival this past weekend in Vegas, Khamari dropped his latest ballad “Doctor, My Eyes.”

Everything about this song is flawless. The pared-back acoustic guitar strumming over soft violin will whisk you away, but the real showstopper is Khamari’s voice. It has the emotional depth of Frank Ocean’s, and the tenderness of Leon Bridges—comparisons we don’t make lightly. His harmonies on the bridge are straight-up otherworldly.

What makes this song especially meaningful are the lyrics, which talk about being lost and overwhelmed in your mid-20’s. We can all relate to the lyrics “most of the time I feel too much, so I try not to feel at all…is there some type of pill I can take/that would make it all go away.” Yet something about the way Khamari sings this reminds us that this is a universal experience and that we’re not as alone as we think we are.

This song may or may not have made us shed a tear. If there’s one thing you listen to today, make it this song. Click the link below to check it out. Enjoy!

Khamari – Doctor, My Eyes