Rising Artist Sebastian Paul Shows Off Distinct Sound On Must Hear Single “INDULGE”


Sebastian Paul is a true triple threat artist. He’s a well-rounded producer, vocalist and songwriter who has a distinct sound that’s immediately recognizable. I honestly can’t get enough of his music. The talented newcomer has been a favorite of mine ever since I was sent his debut Trojan Horse EP that was released via Mad Decent last year.

‘INDULGE’ is a song about human nature. The entire track is describing a single fleeting moment, in which impulsiveness reigns over ones better judgement.” – Sebastian Paul

Now Sebastian Paul has released his first single of the year with the infectious track “INDULGE.” This comes as the first offering off a forthcoming EP I can’t wait for. He has a signature style of production that highlights a grungy bassline, skittering percussion and swelling, bright melodies. In addition to the irresistible production, his vocals have an impressive range and sound as great when he goes falsetto, or a deeper, more gravel-like feel. Don’t sleep on this rising talent and enjoy!

Sebastian Paul – INDULGE