Rising Genre-Blending Band Magic City Hippies Bring Good Vibes On New Album ‘Modern Animal’


Today we’re stoked to introduce a new artist to the site. Miami’s Magic City Hippies have been on our radar for a minute, and for good reason. The genre-defying band takes elements of indie rock, hip-hop, reggae, funk and more all tossed into a blender to form their signature sound. Today they’ve released their 11-track album Modern Animal and it’s worth a listen from start to finish.

The project is the perfect soundtrack for just about any occasion and is accessible to fans of all types of music. Many of the songs feel like perfect summertime jams to cruise around with the windows down. Modern Animal brings a touch of Tame Impala, Beck and Toro Y Moi with a splash of autotune and doused in funk. There’s something about the music that feels like a Miami beach party in the best way. On their first full length album, Magic City Hippies put their distinct sound on full display and I’ll have it on repeat for a minute. Enjoy!

Magic City Hippies – Modern Animal | Stream