Rising Hip-Hop Group Peach Tree Rascals Deliver Sonic Sunshine With New Single “Mango”

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Earlier this Summer, we had the pleasure of being introduced to up-and-coming indie Hip-Hop group, Peach Tree Rascals, when they released their summer-time hit, “Summa.  Today, as we begin to transition into fall, the San Jose based group has gifted us with one last taste of summer, with their latest single, “Mango.”

Tapping into a keys, bass, and beat line pleasantly reminiscent of old fashioned Carolina Beach Music, “Mango” sounds like sunshine from beat one. The Rascals then throw in some tasteful sing-song rapping and some velvety vocal lines for a tune whose beauty is in its simplicity. This 5 piece indie hip-hop group perfectly displays that sometimes all you need for a fantastic track is the perfect combination a mood setting back beat and some lush as vocals. Enjoy!

Peach Tree Rascals – Mango