Rising Indie Band Sexy Pigeon Bring The Warmth On “Hold My Hand, Sunshine”


If you’re in need of some mellow, feel good tunes today, look no further than the latest offering from Sexy Pigeon, a jaunty new song called “Hold My Hand, Sunshine.”

Sexy Pigeon’s back story is as interesting as their stage name. Robin and Darrel met while the former was hitch hiking and wound-up at an airplane hangar where Darrel was living in a tent in order to sky dive daily. Since then, they’ve become inseparable best friends traveling together, which has resulted in some delightful music.

Living up to its name, this song feels like sunshine in a bottle. Maybe it’s the infectious plucky guitar riff at the intro of the song, a perfect revival of the sound of alt indie music in its golden era in the early 2010s. Maybe it’s the slightly muted vocals talking about how they want to love someone. Or maybe it’s the effects that sound like one of those recorders from grade school sprinkled throughout the song. Whatever it is, something about this “Hold My Hand, Sunshine” instantly puts a smile on our face, simultaneously making us happy and nostalgic.

If you’re digging this sound, be sure to check out Sexy Pigeon’s EP Pastel Summer, out May 28th via Batshit and Robin Records. Until this, you can stream this tune using the link below. Enjoy!

Sexy Pigeon – Hold My Hand, Sunshine