[PREMIERE] Shallou & RKCB Collaborate On Atmospheric R&B Ballad “Slow”

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We have the pleasure of introducing eclectic electronic producer Shallou and vocalists RKCB to TSIS for the premiere of their collaboration “Slow”. The New Orleans to Chicago producer proves to be a great compliment to the dreamy sound from RKCB, the vocalist duo comprised of Riley Knapp and Casey Barth. 

RKCB and Shallou pair together effortlessly on “Slow” as the airy R&B vocals seemingly float above the atmospheric instrumental packed with slowly building background textures that add a layer of depth to the rolling percussion. The gentle vocals add an emotional edge to the hypnotic instrumental while the artists impress us on their TSIS debut. Both artists are working hard on their second EPs in addition to RKCB hitting the road with TSIS regular Gallant. Enjoy!

Shallou x RKCB - Slow | Free Download